The main chateaux of the Loire

The château de Blois

The royal castle of Blois gathers the architecture and history of the Chateaux of the Loire from the Middle Age to the 17th century. It was the residence of 7 kings and 10 queens of France, it is an evocative place of power and daily life in the Renaissance Court as evidenced by the richly furnished and decorated royal apartments.

The château de Chenonceau

The Chateau of Chenonceau is an exceptional site, in its original design, the richness of its collections, its furnishings and decoration, but also by his destiny, as he was loved, protected and administered by exceptional women, who, for the most part, made history. It has an outstanding collection of paintings made by the great masters.

The château de Chambord

The chateau de Chambord was built in 1519 by order of King François I, in the heart of a vast forest. This is a fantastic piece of architecture that the king would to show as a demonstration of his rising power. This castle, the most famous of the chateaux of the Loire, was rarely inhabited and furnished.

The château de Cheverny

The Château de Cheverny, which is still a private residence, holds pieces of furniture and interiors layout remarkably preserved. They demonstrate the art of French living: the birth room, children's room, the dining room ...